Best High Back Boosters with Harness

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The moment you realize that your baby is getting older and bigger, you come to realize that it is time for a certain change.

Suddenly, the baby stroller seats are not big enough for them anymore and this is the time to get something new.

Many new parents find it very difficult at certain times, they don’t know even know what is a booster seat?

But when they finally realize the use of it, they face the bigger questions like which one is the best? What to choose? What is a harness? Etc.

Choosing the best high back boosters with harness for your kid is a bit difficult but not impossible, so I really hope this article helps you.

Being a user of many booster seats in the past, I find myself a capable individual to help other parents who are in a dilemma.

 What Is A Booster Car Seat?

A booster car seat is little different than a regular car seat. It basically amplifies the use of a regular car seat.

Booster Car Seats are used to lift the car seat to a proper height so that the seatbelt can be used on the baby. There are generally two variations of booster seats available on the market: High Back boosters and Backless Boosters.

The properties of these variations can be easily determined from their names. So, the High Back Booster comes with a back seat and the other one is simply just the foundation of the seat and your baby will be sitting on top of it.

These types of seats are completely different from front facing car seats and instrumentally these are far less complicated.

Although, it is my personal opinion that having a back support will make your kid more comfortable in a car. So, personally, I think that High Back Boosters Seats will be the best choice.

Finally, when it comes to purchasing the best high back boosters with harness for your kids you have to keep in mind that, your kid is not an infant anymore; he or she has grown up a bit, and they just need a little bump to become tall enough to use the seat belt. So, be wise with your choice.

Britax Pioneer Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Domino

When me and my wife first found this well crafted high back booster seat on Amazon we were jumping up and down. We were just so happy to find this piece as it was perfect for our requirements.

Frankly, it became a bit of a problem when our baby girl became 3 years old. She grew out of that baby seat but still, she was too small to fit in the back seat of our car.

She was not tall enough to use the seatbelt either.

We were a bit concerned and there were times when my wife took our girl on her lap and used the seat belt on both of them, but it was uncomfortable for my wife, more importantly, our kid was not very happy with it also.

At the moment we did not know that something like this even existed, but still, I made the Google search and finally came up with this stuff.

Some important features of this acknowledge products are mentioned below…

About the Booster Seat

  • This particular high back booster seat is implemented in conjunction with the best in class safety protocols. It has a base that can absorb any impact, and for stabilization, the company has used steel frames. The side part of the seat is also impact proof.
  • It boasts a brand new and effective safety protocol system, which is called Safe Cell Impact Protection. There is an impact shell which can absorb the force of the impact and will make sure that your child is protected from any kind of fragments of the wreckage.
  • The high back support of the seat is designed to protect the head and the neck of your child.
  • This is a quick adjustable seat. There are 8 harness positions and there are 2 buckles cleverly positioned which provide security from two different angles. The harness is situated in an upwards position and the buckle is placed towards the outside to keep your kid comfortable.
  • You can very easily adjust the angle or the position of the seat as per the comfort of the kid.
  • There are also upholders and storage spaces available on the seat, to store important toys and amenities.


I know that this particular product has made my life easier and we like it very much, but there is no way that anyone would buy such an expensive and important piece of equipment on some random individual’s suggestions.

So, some of its most handy features are mentioned below…

  • First of all, it is very easy to set up; you will have no trouble at all.
  • It is very easy to clean if it gets messy thanks to the fabric used.
  • The weight limit is pretty high, so, no need to worry about carrying capacity. The extra padding and sturdy construction of the seat will last a long time.
  • The brand new Safe Cell Impact system will make sure that your child is protected from any debris of the wreckage.
  • Extremely convenient.


No matter how great the product is, there are always some drawbacks which keep them from being the perfect product. These imperfections are not a deal breaker but they may cause the user a tiny bit of trouble…

  • One problem with this extraordinary seat is that the weight is a bit heavy, so when my wife goes to fix it on the car, she faces a bit of trouble.
  • The booster seat is a bit taller than my car seat. Though this is kind of nitpicking but it acts as an obstruction sometimes.


As far as I am concerned I have found one of the best high back boosters with a harness on the market. It is adjustable, made with impact absorbing material and will definitely serve you in the long run. This is purely my take on this product and I will definitely encourage parents to give this a go!

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