Blemish Free Skin In 10 Days

It is every woman’s desire to have healthy and blemish-free skin.

But most of the times it’s our daily habits and the ever increasing pollution which plays the spoilsport.

My Story

I am a 28 years old woman, living a very happy life with my two kids and my husband. I have lived a very steady and healthy life, and I do not regret anything till date.

But 4 years ago there was a time when I was very frustrated and desperately looking for a solution to my acne problem.

My skin looked healthy till I was 17 years old, but then somewhere along the line, I had an acne outbreak all over my face and neck.

Then dark spots and severe blemishes!

I was really disheartened and I was even scared to get out of the house.

Finally, after rigorous searching and testing, I found many quick solutions to get rid of blemishes and to stop breakouts in the first place itself.

They are not very difficult, just a few skincare remedies and some healthy life choices and that’s it!

I am following this routine for a long time now and it really helped me to regain my confidence.

The best thing about my routine is that it is really fast and very easy to execute as well. If you have just 10 days in your hand, you can see results!

But first, let’s look at,

What Are Blemishes?

Skin blemishes occur in the form of skin discoloration, spots, scars etc…

These mainly come from any kind of skin problems such as dark spots or acne pigmentation etc.

These are usually caused by clogged pores of the skin, where the dirt and bacteria makes their stand to infect it.

Also, lack of skin care, overexposure to UV rays of the sun, not enough hydration, and genetics etc.. can also be the causes.

Many of you suffer from skin problems.

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You go for expensive products to handle the issue fast, but few simple life changes, dietary habits, and proper skin care can make your life easier.

The solution is right in front of you, you need to realize it. I am here to guide you with just that!

So, how to get rid of those blemishes in just 10 days?

Wash your face regularly

This is the simplest way to get that perfect and radiant skin you always wanted. This may seem weird but this one thing, if done the right way, can do wonders!

Wash your face every day with clean water and it will wash away all the dirt and bacteria that are damaging your skin.

Steam it out!

Steaming is a great option to clean up your skin from those troubling acne and dark spots.

If you take steam directly on your face, the pores will open up and you will get a fresh look almost immediately.

If you are unable to get steam then do what I used to do.

Take some warm water in a bowl and dip a small cloth in it. Take it out and squeeze out the extra water from the cloth and put in on your face.

Leave it there for at least 10 minutes. This will surely open up your pores and remove the dirt and oil.

how to get rid of redness

Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste can get rid of blemishes fast. Yes, you heard it right!

Use a bit of toothpaste on your affected area and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning!

This is one of the fastest ways by which you can take care of your blemishes.

Lemon-Sugar Scrub

The lemon-sugar scrub is by far one of the best home skin care recipes ever.

This outstanding mixture of lemon and sugar will definitely help you to get blemish free skin in about 10 days or less.

The lemon is known as a natural bleaching agent because it contains citric acid and sugar is used to exfoliate the skin.  You can use this scrub once daily. Do it before taking a bath!

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is a delicate part of any skincare regimen. Yet most of us ignore it!

If your goal is to achieve a nice looking skin in just over a week then you need to exfoliate your skin every other day.

If you exfoliate your skin a few times every week, your skin will be fresh and clean.

All the dirt and the dead skin cells will be washed away revealing your actual skin!

Don’t ever forget to remove the makeup

For women, makeup is a very import part of life. But most of the times, we forget about how much chemical it contains.

So when you get back from a social gathering or a party, no matter how tired you are, don’t forget to clean your makeup before going to bed.

Keeping it a whole night will result in devastating skin problems.

I used to suffer a lot from this habit and it improved drastically when I started removing makeup properly.

Cleansing With Milk

There was a time when milk was used as a natural skincare agent, its use in skin care may have reduced significantly but its effectiveness against blemishes is still unmatched.

Milk can be used to get a fairer looking skin.

Cleansing your face with milk will not only give you a healthy looking skin but will also reduce dark spots, tan, pigmentations very effectively.

Water: The life-saver

A very easy remedy to get glowing skin very fast is to drink a lot of water every day.

This is the most basic method. Drinking water hydrates your skin and flushes out dirt, bacteria and harmful toxins from your body.

Face Packs

Face packs are very effective in reducing skin problems.

There are face packs available which are designed to target a particular skin problem and its work is very efficient.

You can buy different packs for different problems like the face pack that comes with berries targets acne and the pack made with lemon and grapefruit cures dark spots and sun-tans.

Stop squeezing the pimples

Even though we are matured adults, we are still unable to fight the urge to squeeze or pop a pimple, isn’t it? Do everything but fight the urge!

The pus that comes out from the zit can cause another one to grow from that same spot itself or from many different spots.

Get a good night’s sleep

We all know how bad and tired a sleep-deprived person looks.

Make sure that you are getting proper rest otherwise forget 10 days you won’t ever look good even if you take 10 months.

Also change your pillowcase regularly, it is often a very secret culprit!

Sunscreen and Toning

Everyone knows how damaging the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be on our skin. It can cause dark spots and other problems which will leave behind marks and scars.

So whenever you are going outside try to use a sunscreen on your skin for protection.

Aside from using a face wash and moisturizer you also need to use a toner for your skin.

It helps to eliminate any dirt and bacteria from your skin and mainly takes care of dark spots and scars.

These are absolutely essential!

Stop eating fast foods

The final or maybe the hardest sacrifice you have to make in order to get that perfect skin of your dreams is that you have to stop consuming fast foods.

The oil from those foods is not only damaging to your skin but also for your whole body.

Signing Off

Finally, I would like to say is that these remedies will definitely help you to reach your goal.

These remedies are only as good as its user, these habits are only clearing your face and treating the symptoms but if you fail to take care of them internally all of this effort will be all in vain.

So, for the sake of your skin make these a complete routine and make the whole thing a part of your life and you will surely see the results!


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