e.l.f Acne Fighting Foundation Review

Foundation is one of the most important aspects of your whole makeup regimen.

It basically sets the tone for the base of your make up. Thus, people from around the globe don’t hesitate even for a moment to spend that extra bit to buy the best foundations out there.

And when it comes to high-performance products, the price automatically shoots up, as quality comes at a price!

But when it comes to elf Cosmetics, from my experience this concept totally changed on me.

This brand is a stand-alone drugstore brand producing low cost-high performance products for a long time now.

All of the products are manufactured in China and they have brought many effective products in the market till date.

My elf story!

I have used many products myself and I simply love the fact that elf or “Eyes Lips Face” offer such low priced products.

They have everything and as for foundations, they have you covered.

They have foundations for everybody.

Around 8 months back I was looking for a proper foundation for my kit. I stumbled upon the new elf Acne Fighting Foundation.

Though I have heard about them, somehow every time I thought about going for it I backed off as I was skeptical about its quality.

But this time, I went for it and I was not disappointed at all! Fast forwarding now, I have tried and tested most of their products and I love them.

I am here to help you to assess the quality of the product so that you don’t judge them only because of their price tags.

My best pick from the elf’s shelf will be the elf Acne Fighting Foundation.

What’s so special about the elf Acne Fighting Foundation?

First of all, it is important to let you know that elf is completely cruelty-free!

And considering the affordability factor of their products, each and every product they sell are literally bargains!

The elf Acne Fighting Foundation is a very potent product.

This also proves that a good product doesn’t have to be a high priced to prove its worth!

This foundation has great qualities of its own. Due to its ultra lightweight nature, I personally love it to the core.

It is nothing like those heavy foundation bases that feel like you are moving with some sort of imaginary wet cloth on your face.

It is really gentle yet covers a lot of space. The end result is a very natural finish all over.

The best part being it is perfect for sensitive skin. It is specifically made to fight acne.

It comes with witch hazel which has natural astringent properties and salicylic acid to fight those zits.

It also comes with aloe, camphor, and many things to fight blemishes and treat the skin! It is meant to reduce redness as well as blemishes.

It solved my make up woes like no other and that too on a budget.

The Versions Available and the Price

Currently, there are around 6 shades of this foundation liquid available in the market. Thus, it is meant to cater to a large audience.

It comes in various colors, but as I have seen many, it specifically caters to medium to dark complexions.

The lightest of all being beige and the darkest being somewhat close to chestnut!

The shades in the middle are good but these two are the best ones!

The overall coverage is good! Starting off with one layer and then working your way up to the desired level is the best way to go for with this product.

The price is 6$ for a bottle of one and that is really something if you look at the value it offers. I was completely blown away by its value for money quotient!

What I like?

The elf Acne Fighting Foundation is probably one of the most affordable solutions for all your skin problems.

A few well-received properties of the product as portrayed by me are as follows:

  • The $6 price tag is really cheap and affordable. It is really good to be true considering the quality and the ingredients used. It is on par with leading high priced foundations!
  • Free of harmful dyes and preservatives. Completely cruelty-free!
  • The product is very gentle and for sensitive skin, it is a boon. But as I have tested it for a long time now, it doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to taking care of tough skin.
  • elf acne fighting foundation is extremely light in weight. This is by far personally my favorite quality. Light cosmetics are rare and that too so effective.
  • It improved my appearance and blemishes after using it for a while.
  • Top notch ingredients used! Ingredients are known for their ability to fight acne and redness, like tea tree oil, aloe vera, witch hazel etc.
  • Many reviews rightfully claim this product to be extremely good for coverage. Yes, the coverage it offers is just phenomenal. It is named as a full coverage foundation and it does the job really well.
  • The finish of the product is another well-applauded trait as experienced by me. The finish is smooth and natural. No mask-like or cakey traits whatsoever.
  • It can last an entire day without any touch-ups.

What I don’t?

This foundation has become very popular mostly because of its effectiveness and its popular customer reviews.

Unfortunately, there are also some comments which should be noted here.

  • The first problem being many customers along with me faced the lack of shades available. I believe only six shades are not good enough.

The company should take note that there are people who won’t be able to use for limited options.

The shades on the middle are not as good as compared to the extreme ones.

  • There are a few complaints about the product’s performance against acne prone skin. Though this was not the case while I used it! I have mild acne problem and I was really impressed with its performance.

I guess those who have severe acne problems, this is not the product for them.

But nevertheless, it is a con being an acne fighting foundation.


Overall, I think at 6$ it is really a great option to add to your existing makeup kit.

Initially, I also didn’t believe that at such a price one can give a product of this quality.

But it is really true. I have used it myself and it is really good when it comes to overall quality.

The pros of this product can easily outrun the cons.

But I recommend this product for those who have minor acne problems.

For severe problems, I guess it is better you don’t go for this.

And also for them who are in the market for an affordable foundation, this is superb!

As a company, they are doing really well.

They are coming up with refreshing new products on a budget too.

As for this, I would definitely recommend the elf Acne Fighting Foundation! It is worth a try for sure.


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