My Fat Loss Workout For Females

My Fat Loss Workout For Females

I’ve struggled my whole life, Just like you!

Hello, my name is Kate I am just your average girl, apart from being 227 Pounds, Yep I was that big.

I hope that you follow on my journey into seeing why you need to take action and take action now because the longer we wait the worse it gets.

Eating too much is an addiction and it’s a hard monster to crack! Trust me I’ve tried to get rid of this addiction my whole life.

I had no self-esteem and no self-worth

I was never a small girl, all throughout my high school years I was “larger” than the other girls in my grade. Just not fitting in, So I just kept to myself and did my own thing. The only problem was that when I got sad I would eat, eat to the point that it was the only thing that ever made me happy. The older I got the more I ate.

In my early 20’s I was sitting at 100KG at 5 foot 8 and I started to feel the pain.

  • That pain you get in your ankles and your knee’s when you try to get up to do the simplest things.
  • The body aches after waking up.
  • Shortness of breath when walking around.
  • Feet swelling up from sitting down too long.

The list goes on you are in pain constantly, it never stops.

If you are around my size you know how it feels to have this constant pain every day for your entire life.

But it doesn’t stop there sadly I was also getting told from my family and friends saying, “You should stop eating that junk food or stop laying around and doing nothing” It is never that easy and saying them things never helped me get motivated to get fit and eat healthy all it did was put me down.

What did I do I ate more…

I closed myself to the world and connected with food.

It was a love-hate relationship. You know when you find that emotional connection where you know its bad but it feels so good.

Eating to much food is an addiction. I knew that, and I know you know that.

So what did I do about it and what can you do about it?

The change that made me never look back.

I was around 25 years old when I started to think why I was I still doing the same thing to myself. I hated the doctors and never went in but this one time I had to.

It was 9 pm and I was watching tv when I had started to feel weak and my head started to get fogged up. I was feeling this tremendous pain in my chest. It was as if someone was stabbing me over and over. I started to lose my eyesight and suddenly I blacked out. The next thing I remember is I am sitting in a hospital bed with needles in me and tubes all around.

Being so weak I could not even speak, all I wanted was my mom.

After dosing in and out I was able to speak after so many hours laying there wondering what had happened that night.

The first thing that came to mind was that I had what I NEVER wanted to have a heart attack. What do you know later that evening the doctor had came in and after a big deep breathe in he told me “You had a heart attack, your body could not cope”

What did I do I cried until I could not cry anymore.

  • I was eating myself to the grave.
  • I was cutting my life short.
  • Giving up on myself.

To know that death was right around the corner I could not go on like this.

I spent 2 months in hospital under the watchful eyes of my doctors. Who I thank till this very day for me being alive.

Our lives are fragile, and we must obey our own bodies and understand what they want. If we are in pain then we should do something about it, not just let it pass and take some medication.

The day I left that hospital bed I knew I had to change. I had to get rid of my habits that placed me in this situation.

That had nearly killed me!

I was still weighing at 215 pounds when I left the hospital. The doctors said I need to do something about it or I could have another heart attack.

I went and did my research I spent long hours trying to find something that will help me boot myself in to gear push me to the edge but also understand what struggles I am going through.

It was one afternoon where I stumbled upon a post my friend had posted on Facebook and I decided to read more about it myself. After 10 mins of reading I was hooked, I wanted it! It has all the goals that I want to achieve and at the price I could not go wrong. I mean cheaper then what I used to eat weekly!

Taking that action

I started my plan and my diet all from this one book. It was hard to believe what foods I could eat and that they tasted great! For someone who loved chips and ate burgers all day. It is beyond me that I can now eat greens, veggies, and fruit for lunch and tea. The recipes are just what I have been looking for. It does not taste as bad as I expected it too.

In 3 weeks I started to see my body transform. I would look in the mirror and take a photo each day to see where I was at and how I was going.

The feeling was like no other, this pain felt good.

Odd thing to say but it makes you feel like you doing better for yourself! Because you are!

  • My arms became tighter.
  • My jellow effect in my legs have nearly gone!
  • I don’t have to go to the extra-large section at the shopping center anymore.
  • Shortness of breath is a thing of the past.

It has changed the way I look at life.

The struggle and the fights are well worth it.

  • I can wear clothes that I have never been able to fit into.
  • I can go swimming without worrying about everyone looking at me.
  • I can now walk around the block with my son without running out of breath.

These are just some of the things I can do all because I took action and so can you!

If you want to change the way you look at life and have another chance. Do what I did and never regret it you have to take action.

Take control of what you want in life and drive it before it gets too late.

“Your health is just as important as water is to trees.”

Make a choice and change the way things are for you today!

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Thank You for reading my story.

I hope to hear stories from you all!

Lots of love,