How To Look Younger At 50

When you see an advertisement on the TV saying that this product will make you look 10 years younger, you may say something like…

“I have been using it for the last 3 years …but,… I still look the same!”

Yes, most of these products do not work as they were advertised to have. I know that this makes you feel more frustrated and more confused.

I am not ok with the fact that these multi-national companies think that we are desperate enough to be hoaxed into everything they are saying and, unfortunately, most of us play to their tune.

finding the problem and fixing it

The Source of the Problem

Actually, the problem you face is that even if at 50 you feel young, your body can’t come in sync with your mind. Your body will have the look of your age or it could look even older.

But with a few dietary restrictions, new lifestyle and a few beauty tips, you could really look better.

These are natural solutions, but you have to be very regular with these regimes and the effect will take some time to work out.


how to look younger again over 50

The Remedy

So, I am going to mention a few simple life choices that I have tried myself and have got stunning results.

Not disclosing my exact age, I can say I am well over 50 and I am pretty experienced at all form of remedies as I have basically tried and tested many!

So, here are my suggestions:

  • Just put a smile on your face

Being happy and keeping a big smile on that face of yours is one way to look younger.

I am encouraging you to wear a smile all the time, as there will always be some issue with your work or family that may make you sad or depressed.

There is a theory among the psychologists, known as the ‘facial feedback effect’, which says that keeping just a smile can make one happy. This is very good for you as the happier you feel, the better muscles you develop on your face. It helps in turn to keep your body and mind together in perfect harmony.

  • Old is gold

It is naturally difficult to stay in shape once you have made it to 50.

You will start losing strength, stamina, and the metabolic rate will tend to get slower.

But with a little bit of discipline and awareness, you can stay committed to your goal of  younger, more youthful looking skin.

Start with small measures and try every day to reach a bit higher.

You can start by taking a 5-minute walk on the first day, then on the second day make it 10 minutes.

Do this until you have reached 30-60 minutes.

Now you need to start jogging for those 5 minutes and continue to jog until you make it to the mark of 15-30 minutes.

  • Provide nutrients for your skin

We mostly have no idea how amazing our skin is and how much it does for us but it is also true that for the most part, our skin is fully capable of taking care of itself.

But sometimes a little help is needed to make sure that it is not damaged.

Our skin needs some level of food or nutrients to stay healthy.

A well-balanced diet and lots of water should be enough.

The big companies will keep pursuing you to believe their version of the truth that natural remedies are not enough; you need to provide some extra juice to keep your skin healthy, but the only thing you need to do is, get your daily dose of vitamins from lots of fruits and veggies instead of the packaged beverages.

  • Make time for yourself

When we reach a certain age we mostly spend our time by looking at other people and thinking that they are living a better life than us.

This is not true, at this age we have faced various different aspects of life and still, we are here.

Believe in yourself!

As a parent, we have put our child’s needs before us.

In work-life we have supported our co-workers but at this age, it is time for us to know ourselves and spend time doing what we love.

  • Spend time with good friends

Friends are one of the most valuable parts of our lives, no one can live alone and in this case, believe it or not, good friends are one of the parts of your anti-aging regimen. Laughing, chatting and having a good time with your friends can boost your mood and energy.

With the right friends by your side, you can achieve new heights in your personal and professional life.

Being surrounded by good friends will help you to be true to yourself at the same time.

You will start to love your aging body; no more swallowing pills or using creams- slowly you will come into terms with your own, irreplaceable self.

Opting for Non-Invasive surgery techniques and Artificial Remedies

When it comes to the artificial remedies, there are many options like using beauty products, non-invasive surgery and invasive surgery.

As of now I have been through some of them (not the invasive ones) and have read about many others. If you are really into it, you can go for them.

Most of them are worth the money and the time!

Natural remedies work fine, but there are many people who firmly believe that the only way to look younger after you have hit 50 is to get surgery.

Beauty products which cater specifically to anti-aging properties work really well if you keep on using it.

It stops working when you stop using it! So, if you can, you can always use this option as this is something that can be easily done and you can get good results.

so what is the secret to looking young at over 50

In this 21st century, there are lots of options available; there are some non-invasive procedures where doctors will slightly modify the affected areas.

These treatments definitely help you to avoid the knives but still, you end up looking as young as possible.

  1. The Eye Treatment

Latisse is an FDA approved treatment for your eyes. After you are over 50, your eyelashes tend to get thinner and shorter, and then one day you will notice a significant change in them.

That is where this treatment comes in.

The treatment involves a solution that you have to apply once a day, the change will show up more or less 4 weeks afterwards.

  1. Wrinkle reduction

There is no denying that, post 50, wrinkles will start to appear and they will be quite noticeable.

These days most women go for facelift where some women find comfort in non-invasive wrinkle treatment.

The doctors will inject dermal fibers.

Their job is to restore facial volume, smoothing the wrinkles and lifting the sagged skin.

  1. Treating those sunspots

The sunbathing habit of your youth can really make your old age miserable. It can cause brown spots to appear all over your body, which can be really ugly.

Fortunately, the new brown spot removal technique consists of a powerful laser, which will destroy those brown spots in a matter of minutes.

This treatment gets rid of brown spots without damaging the skin.

The lighter pigments revive the early glow of the skin.

Only 2 or 3 treatments can make those brown spots disappear.

  1. Skin smoothing

The most effective and non-invasive anti-aging treatment is called microaggression.

It is a type of treatment where a device is used to suck out the dry skin cells from your body which results in revealing the original skin which was lying beneath it.

The new equipment of microaggression process comes with a diamond tip; it will provide the same results but without the discomfort and there will be no crystal residue.

My Conclusion to looking younger!

I would like to round up my discussion by emphasizing that, don’t make a bigger issue of things than it really is! By looking back, we are not fully taking advantage of our golden years. It is but a natural phenomenon that old age will make us look different.

But the only thing we have control over is to stay healthy and happy, and we can easily do that. And that will inevitably help in prospect.

On the other hand, if you go for the non-invasive artificial process, though it costs you a lot of money, you will get the results sooner than what has been expected.


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