Military Diet Review It’s LACKING Something!


Hey everyone Emma here!

So I want to talk about this amazing diet that people claiming to be losing tonnes of weight on, but others are wondering more about how it works; so I have written down what I believe about the Military Diet and why it’s a hit and miss.

First I would like to tell you my journey on becoming a healthier mom.military diet review strong woman

After having my first born son I gained a few extra pounds and did not like it one bit it really.

Even when I was pregnant, my big belly had made me feel fat.

I know a lot of women love the feeling of holding a beautiful thing, and don’t get me wrong, I did as well.

But deep down I was wondering how am I going to lose all this weight once I have had him.

It is going to be a journey and take a lot of time and effort while looking after my baby.

A Few months have gone by and I thought I would start my weight loss training.

I did my research and found a free one called Military Diet Review and I just thought it could not be right.

Doing nothing but eating and losing weight.

Makes no sense to me so this is what I thought of it.

We are wanting a slimmer and leaner body.

Its completely normal and often times we would look for the fastest way to achieve this.

Most of the diet plans you see on the internet last too long until, that is, you discover a famous diet plan called the “Military Diet”.

Reading more about it, you will surely get excited as it promises the people who follow it to lose up to 10 pounds or up to 4.

5 kilograms in one week with a suggested 3-day diet.

However, sad to say, this “diet” is not all that.

It has been, ironically, sugar-coated and is not actually based on evidence or scientific proof.military diet lacking it

No one is even sure if this is in anyway related to the military.

While there are many sources that explain everything about the military diet, none have actually shown actual proof of people losing fat within a week.


Some More Stuff About the Military Diet

The whole plan lasts for a week and the 3-day meal plan should happen consecutively.

For the 4 other days of the week, there is no mention of what to do.

gaining and losing weight without the military diet

Although it is suggested by many sources that for the rest of the week, you should be continue to eat healthy.

If you are into the specifics of the calorie counts, the average total calorie intake for one day is around 1,000 to 1,400 calories.

To summarize everything that was just said about the diet, this military diet claims to aid you in losing a lot of weight with their low-calorie meal plans.

What Makes the Military Diet so Appealing?

If you have read through the plan, it does sound to good to be true in the first place.

For that much weight loss with not much effort compared to most other plans, it can make anyone who’ve thought twice about this, skeptical about its claims.

Here are the benefits that caught people’s attention:

  • This is a free method and thus requires no food, no online guide or book, no supplements.
  • The strict diet only lasts 3 days while the 4 days have lesser restrictions making it perfect for the party next week.

The plan promises results fast and people like anything with fast results.

  • It is so simple.

You do not need to read up on anything specific, no terms to learn about, no money to be spent.

In some cases, you do not even need to keep checking your calorie count.

  • You do not have to starve yourself.

The suggested meals are rich in nutrients and the food combinations are said to reduce your cravings.

  • There is no limit to the amount of coffee or tea except of course cream and sugar.

With its popularity and simplicity, people surely have at least tried doing this.

The question now is: does this military diet actually work anyway? While it does not fulfil its promises, it will still surely lose you some pounds.

That is, only if you actually follow strictly the suggested meal plan for 3 days.


What is the Meal Plan?military diet meal plan

Day 1 – 1,400 calories

  • Breakfast

○ 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (or almond butter) and a slice of bread

○ half of a grapefruit

○ (optional) Coffee or tea with minimal cream and sugar

  • Lunch

○ 1 slice of toast

○ half cup of tuna (or almonds)

○ (optional) Coffee or tea with minimal cream and sugar

  • Dinner

○ 4 ounces of lean meat or any viable source of protein

○ A cup of green beans

○ half a banana

○ A small apple

○ A cup of ice cream!

Day 2 – 1,200 calories

  • Breakfast

○ A slice of toast

○ A hard-boiled egg

○ half a banana

○ (optional) Coffee or tea with minimal cream and sugar

  • Lunch

○ A hard-boiled egg

○ A cup of cottage cheese

○ (optional) Coffee or tea with minimal cream and sugar

  • Dinner

○ 2 hot dogs

○ half cup of carrots

○ half cup of broccoli

○ half a banana

○ half cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 3 – 1,100 calories

  • Breakfast

○ An ounce of slice of cheddar cheese

○ 5 saltine crackers

○ A small apple

○ (optional) Coffee or tea with minimal cream and sugar

  • Lunch

○ An egg cooked in any way

○ A slice of toast

○ (optional) Coffee or tea with minimal cream and sugar

  • Dinner

○ A cup of tuna (or almonds)

○ half banana

○ A cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 4 to 7

Although no meals were prescribed, the diet still continues and should follow the same range of calorie intake as the previous 3 days.

Meaning, your calorie intake should ideally amount to 1,100 calorie to 1,400; no more no less.

If you need help in counting your calories, there are numerous apps and online websites that can help you with providing rough estimates.


What Part of the Military Diet is Wrong?the lies that are not told with the diet

The fact that there was no actual proof of this diet actually working should already be a red flag.

True enough, you do lose weight but not as much as it promises.

The only possible scenario for someone to actually lose as much as 10 pounds is when the person is overweight.

Even then, the biggest factor for that person is not the food, but the amount of water intake.

Doctors even say that this diet plan, while it may lose you weight short-term, you might actually gain more weight in the long run.

You lose some weight easily, you can get weight back easily as well.

Also mentioned in the diet plan was the claim that these food are taken together in one meal because it is an effective food combination for losing weight.military diet and its lies

But again, science has not made any claim for actual food combinations that does this.

Possibly the only factor mentioned in the diet plan that increase metabolism is the coffee or tea.

Even then, it only does so minimally.

On a side note, military diets do not actually make soldiers thin.

It is the other way around since they need to build more mass and muscle and therefore weight.


Where Can You Go From Here?

Anything worthwhile will always require a long term of hard work.

If you are looking for something that will make you lose weight, better look for ones with actual evidence that supports it.

Although this is not to say that there are methods that can help you lose weight faster; just not within a week.

There are numerous diet plans you can follow online and although takes a longer while, at least you are assured of the results with no long-term drawbacks.the military diet is missing something


The solution that got me on track and into shape!

I would like to share what I found and how it gave me results while keeping me on track to wanting to look fit and feel better.

After searching for a long time.

I found this product called The 3 Week Diet which has everything in there from teaching you how to eat right and what exercises to do.

So I can keep track of not just what I am eating but also my fitness levels.

They also included a beautiful book on how to keep motivated and how I should change my mindset to keep pushing myself for larger goals and dreams.

It was really something!

The diet manual had everything in there from what foods you should eat and foods to avoid.

Even after you have lost your weight you should keep to only certain foods that I did not even know about! Eating healthy is a blast!
While their workout manual is fit for people with all levels of fitness.

It has things in it for us mommies who want to stay home and workout while if we want to adventure into the gym it also gives us another guide for when we do want to go out and adventure into the crazier workout routines.

The problem with the military diet it just never guided me in the right direction and the information that was given out for free is very limited to what foods to eat for 3 days but not what should I do to lose my real weight.

I wanted to workout but did not know how while being a stay at home mommy.

While The 3 Week Diet has everything in there just for me.

It does cost a little $$ but it was worth every penny! Everything in one spot is what I wanted.

military diet-manual alternativemindset-manualworkout-scheduler-3-week-dietintroduction-manual




* Disclaimer :Individual results may vary

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