“Why I didn’t listen to the beautician!”

Thinking about going with the beautician’s product recommendation?

Because if you are, this might shock you!

My review of the Neocutis Bio-Restorative Serum with PSP Intensive Treatment, is not like the others, because I’ve found neocutis reviewsomething BETTER… I went against the “recommendation” of my beautician and found a product that works for me!

If you’ve already been advised to use the Neocutis Intensive treatment, I highly recommend reading this as there is more to the product that we think and a few others are finding this out after spending lots of money with no or little results.

Why is this a problem?

To be frank, this is an issue because people like myself are trying to be lured into purchasing costly cosmetics like this on a daily basis and, well, I’ve found products out there that are similar and producing better costs for the long term.

Also, the beauticians and cosmetic surgeons are probably getting a kick back from having this product in their surgeries or salons, so how can we guarantee that they trust the product as much as they want us to?

I’m Lisa and a mum of three teenagers, with a crazy life schedule of work, school, after school activities and all the family drama that comes from having three girls. Part of my work involves a lot of face time with people and I have to always look my best.Lisa Before and After

The craziness that is my life becomes evident on my face as I start to get closer to forty, with the appearance of stress wrinkles and crows feet that often weren’t there last year.

I was first recommended Neocutis by my beautician when she was giving me a deep tissue massage and facial and she commented on my crows’ feet.

She so casually dropped Neocutis into conversation that I was wondering how often she made this recommendation to her clients, even ones that have been seeing her for years like me, and if she was just on auto-pilot or she generally backed the product.

When we finished the treatment, I almost fell over…

When she told me the price of one bottle of Neocutis in the salon, she had to help pick my jaw up off the ground!

The bottle cost double what my skin treatment just did!

Like any savvy shopper I asked if she could give me a tiny sample so I could try it before I committed to such a grandiose amount and toddled off home.

This is what I thought of Neocutis and the alternative that’s just as good

Ok, so that week with Neocutis (and the little pamphlet the beautician gave me) was quite educational.

I saw that a product that was being advertised at providing fast results in 7-14 days, wasn’t quite on the money, and sadly, there were more ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce in there than I preferred in my treatments.

That’s not to say I didn’t experience a difference in my skin, just not what I felt was promised.

And well, I can’t really justify purchasing a product that ranges from $$$ – High $$$ either online or in the salon.

Luckily for all of us (and my credit card) I found a more affordable alternative that showed similar, if not slightly better results.

My discovery of Revitol Anti-Ageing Treatment was like a godsend.

It makes all the same promises as Neocutis does which includes:

  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Revitalising the skin through hydration
  • Use of line softening technology to eradicate Laugh lines and crows feet,
  • Firming the skin and improving skin tone
  • Safe to use around the eye area.revitol-anti-aging-moisturizing-cream

All of this sounds like stuff you would see on most anti-ageing products right?? Well that’s because it does.

It appears on almost every product, but unlike most products this one only $$ + shipping with further discounts if I buy in bulk.

To make it even better, if you’re ever not sure or happy they may provide a full refund with no questions.

To me that reads as no risk, still a reward!

So What Have They Packed into the Awesome Little Blue Jar? Neocutis Intensive Treatment Vs Revitol Anti-Ageing Treatment

Well, for the fantastically awesome price in the low dollars$$ this little jar of heaven comes with some of the best ingredients you could hope for!

It’s unique blend of pure, natural oils, roots, herbs, Shea Butter, Ritapro 165 and Matrixyl it sure to give your face some love!

It definitely gave my face some love as my mother-in-law (who is very pro popular brand cosmetics) noted that my skin looked firmer and smoother in a matter of weeks, true to it claims of age-defying skin after a few weeks of use.

When I mentioned the UV protection of the Shea Butter and the natural alternatives to Botox in this little jar, she was so curious that I had to give up my second jar (I bought bulk, just in case I loved the cream) so she could try it!

Now, a woman near her 60’s has just tried it and she has noted how much smoother her skin feels!

She’d used Neocutis before and was gushing over how this product was feeling much better on her skin! Neocutis has some natural and pro-collagen ingredients too but found the jar cream to be just that little better going onto her skin than the pump bottle that the Neocutis comes in, as well as the disparity between the products when buying in a salon or online.

After she mentioned this, I started to compare the jars that myself and my friend had received of the Revitol (ok, I didn’t try it for the first time alone) and found that there was great consistency between the batches and the products.

OK, so there has to be a downside to everything right?

Talking about downsides the first and most obvious one is that it’s not available in salons as easily as Neocutis may be so when I ran out of my very first jar I didn’t even realise until I was scraping the bottom and lusting for more.

Sadly, I couldn’t secure a sample to try prior to purchasing either (this is typically how I prefer to shop when buying new products online) but when I read the other reviews on Revitol and that awesome price, I weighed up my options and took plunge and won’t go back!

My conclusion?

Like NeoCutis, Revitol comes with many other complimentary treatments, such as the eye cream and oatmeal exfoliator (which I am dying to try out), but it’s all at such a low cost that I have no qualms about trying their other products now! NeoCutis isn’t to go without praise though, it has collected accolades over the years for being a popular purchase among beauty editors (possibly a paid plug though, hey?) but when you look at the value received from the product compared to the cost, Revitol is and will be my first choice!

I hope my review helped you with your skin care routine as much as my experience did with mine!

I would love it if you could please Like or Share this page to get the word about this out there for all of the other people wanting an cost effective option for firmer, younger looking skin!

Lisa Out XXX

Before and After

7 thoughts on “My Neocutis Review”

  1. I have tried so many creams including Neocutis. With my experience it was damn hard finding what will work with my skin and that will not hurt it, giving me problems and getting sunburn when going outside on long days.

    With your review I will give this cream a shot and see how it goes for me. It looks great for people like me and with that price point why not right?

    Thanks Lisa!

  2. Hello, my name is Meghan and I have been using Neocutis for a few years myself and while it did seem to work it to an extent but I could not afford the price of it every month and also turned to revitol anti ageing treatment because its cheaper and does just as good job if not better for me I love it along with all their other products! So I recommend anyone this line of skin care these guys are great!

  3. Hello Lisa, I am wondering does this type of cream effect you when going out doors? Like myself I get sunburn quite fast when using skin products and I want to know if it will hurt me. I have tried a lot of creams and they damage my skin and not help it :(. Thanks Patricia

    • Hey Patricia, It is great I feel no need to worry when going out doors now. My face does not burn up or feel like it is melting because revitol anti ageing treatment has a lot of natural ingredients in it, it does not hurt react to the sun as much as other creams do. Would love to see how you go thanks

  4. Wow you look amazing Lisa, I am not much of a person who takes care of her skin but as I am getting older I am starting to notice I am looking older then I really am! So now I am trying to find the right product for my face and of course at a good price. I havent tried Neocutis Intensive Treatment but I dont think I will because it seems like the cheaper one is better and it looks like Revitol has a lot of products for us girls!

    Cant wait to give it a shot ordered mine today!
    thanks girl!

  5. This review was amazing, I was considering of getting Neocutis but not now, it just seems way over priced for what it does. I am going to give Revitol a shot just from your great review!


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