How to Be You with Bub Too! – Post Pregnancy Beauty Tips.

Before, during and after pregnancy your body goes through a lot of changes.

The hormones get thrown around and your body just can’t keep up.

Every tells of the pregnancy glow, the luscious locks or the clear skin that mothers, both while pregnant and post partum are blessed with.

Unless you’ve been pregnant, you probably don’t know that that always isn’t the case.

Naturally as bub develops, your skin and body are changing so you do go through periods of acne, oily skin, limp hair, bloating you name It, but people forget to mention that it can carry into post-pregnancy as well.

Giving birth is both beautiful and gross at the same time.

Beautiful in that you have given everything of yourself to create new life, gross in that you are sweaty and so many bodily fluids you didn’t know existed are on you or under you or somewhere in your general vicinity.

But it’s all a fact of having babies.

And the best part? The squidgy little crying human at the end of it you get to call your own.

But then you get home. You’re not supported by the hospital any more, you and your partner or family members (if you’re fortunate enough) spend all day and all night trying to adjust to new life with your little bundle of happiness and poop.

Your beauty regime is often the first to go out the window.

Now I’ve had two children myself, so I’ve been through all the yuck and love and frustration, so I can say that I’ve experienced a lot of this first hand.

Unless you’re prepared for it and expecting the change, or wanting to avoid some possible consequence for not being prepared, often it hits you like a train wreck.

For example, just the other day I was at the shops with my children and family having a coffee when I looked at my legs and went “Well I haven’t shaved in ages and it really doesn’t bother me”. Naturally once I did notice, it bothered me and I attempted to rectify the issue that night.

The same pretty much goes for your skin care and beauty regime.

I had also broken out in acne and it was the worse just after having my new born. I did not expect it to come, in such a way it did.

So here are some of my favorite Post pregnancy beauty tips.

Why you should drink Water

Yes, I am starting with the obvious. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to breast feed for an extended period you should be downing a lot of water anyway, but being a new mum post pregnancy, this is one beauty tip that is easy to forget.

Remember, water is a natural diuretic and medicine.

Not only does it help hydrate your system, it helps your body flush toxins from your body and helps you fight off any unwanted yucky stuff in your body may let sneak in. the flushing of the toxins and hydrating of your body has positive effects on both your health and your skin as your skin will be clearer and you will be fuller for longer (so no junk food – put down that pop tart, mommy) which means less crap in your system.

Added bonus, it also helps with your milk supply while breastfeeding too.

Eating the right foods and why you should

This is probably the second most obvious but to be honest, while you are trapped being a human cow, it is incredibly easy to eat junk.

I used to keep a biscuit container next to me while breastfeeding and I could easily finish the packet in one second.

There are plenty of post pregnancy recipes and food products out there that promote a healthier body and skin that you can munch on while feeding or fueling your body in general for the day ahead.

Remember, if you are breast feeding your body uses roughly an extra 2000kj a day.

If you aren’t breastfeeding, or have had to stop, you won’t use as much energy, but as you’re not physically putting out while bottle feeding (fed is best in my books ?) you are still prone to that weight gain just through lack of action.

Lets get moving

Again, bleeding obvious, but really, it does need to be said. Post pregnancy you will feel bruised and battered and your body will need time to recuperate so only start exercise with approval of your doctor.

It is during this time you may get frustrated from not being able to as much around the house or while you’re out so you do run the risk of overeating or forming other bad habits.

Once you have the all clear, get walking! Exercise is good for you, 1) it gets you out of the house (with or without bub), 2) it released endorphins to make you happier, which puts you in a better mood and 3) getting the blood pumping means more blood to your skin which means that baby glow, can last post pregnancy.

The Skin Care that will help you

After having bub your skin will not go back to where it started and this is where one of my favorite beauty tips comes in: get yo’self some Vitamin E ladies! Found in nature, this vitamin is used in many popular creams and skin tightening formulas to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Post pregnancy you’re going to be covered in them as your skin slowly shrinks, but these marks can get itchy and blackheads can make themselves home in the marks. On top of this, the hormones are raging again, just like during pregnancy and you’re going to be guaranteed oily skin and an acne breakout or two as your body adjusts to post pregnancy.

Vitamin E is good here again, but to be honest, whatever cleanser you use for your skin will be better than nothing!

Keep your hair in shape

You know those luscious locks that your hairdresser gushed over while you’re pregnant? They will go. Not all of it, but some. Around 3-4 months post pregnancy you will experience hair loss as the hormones change again and you shed.

To reduce this, get a good detangling hair brush and anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner, even using a strengthening one would be good.

These are just some of my how to beauty tips for post pregnancy that I’ve found work every time.

Being post baby your body takes months to adjust to changes, so you will no doubt have to change your routine up from your pre pregnancy plan as post pregnancy your own “how to” method will be different.

The beauty tips here are not be all and end all either as there is a likelihood you will have to adjust your routine based on what bub does as well as babies can react to skin creams and foods much like we do as adults.

The best thing you can do is drink water, eat well and be happy so that you have a happy baby at home most of the time.

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