How To Remove Blemishes Overnight

Blemishes are not your typical skin problem.  It is not like acne, dark spots, scars etc.

But it is mainly the leftover marks from previous acne breakouts, marks from pigmentation, imperfections from dark spots etc.

Most of the times when we talk about blemishes we usually talk about inflamed acne. But blemishes can happen due to many reasons.

The most common being acne breakouts!

But apart from that, it can also happen from hormonal imbalance, poor dietary habits, aging, genetics, poor skin care routine and stress.

From my teenage years, I have been fighting with my pimple problem. I was unfortunate enough to have some blemishes on my face just because I used to poke my pimples out of frustration.

Continuous poking of a pimple on the same area, again and again, can worsen the situation even more.

I had blemishes all over my face.

It was really disheartening for me but I picked myself up and began to try and test different methods to get rid of them.

My methods worked really well for me and that’s why I am here to help you out as well.

So, how can you get rid of them quick?

Most of our population suffers from skin blemishes. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a flawless skin.

It is true that getting rid of these blemishes is not easy but it is not impossible.

It mostly depends on the skin type of that person and how much they are willing to go that extra mile.

If I can do it, you can as well!

Well, first of all, without going anywhere, you should have to get yourself in check. Start eating healthy, improve your hygiene, sleep well and keep a stable schedule.

Little changes or improvements in your daily life will inevitably change your body, mind, and skin.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercises can improve your overall health and fitness.

With increased blood flow, loads of minerals and nutrients start to flow into your skin and that heavy sweating can push out all the dirt and excess oil from your pores.

This is a natural phenomenon! After losing excess sebum you will stop getting acne outbreaks and the oxygen-filled blood will be reaching your skin making you look healthier and free from any type of blemishes.

It will even stop the problems in the first place itself. Though this is not a very quick solution, it is a great step!

The magic of toothpaste

Toothpaste has an amazing quality to get rid of blemishes fast. I got stellar results while using it.

This is a typical overnight remedy for blemishes. Clean your face thoroughly before anything.

Now use a bit of toothpaste and apply it to the affected area.

The trick here now is to leave it for the whole night and wash it off in the morning.

You can use ice to reduce swelling.

You can also use eye drops to reduce any form of redness in that area.

Consumption of healthy veggies and various fruits every single day

A healthy diet is nothing new. As rightly said in this context, many of you already know this as the “acne-free diet”. It includes a lot of vegetable and fruits.

And vegetables are a great source of fiber and vitamins.

Meat and eggs are a great source of protein but to stay healthy you need to get all the vitamins and nutrients too, which you can only get by eating veggies.

It can help you immensely if you need fast results.

Drink a lot of water daily

Hydrating your skin is necessary to be free from skin blemishes.

Daily work-life stress and sun exposure take a lot out of your skin but if you do not hydrate properly you will pay for it with acne and various other skin problems.

3 liters of water daily is a must!

Hot water shower is a must

A hot shower can really improve your skin condition.

If you are sweaty and you just clear it off with a towel, it does not clear the salt in your sweat.

It will still be there and block the pores of the skin.

So to clean it off it is absolutely necessary! If you need overnight results, the steam from hot water can help opening the pores and clearing off bacteria.

Stop popping those pimples

 All pimples are not equal.

There are some which are called blackheads and they are easy to get rid of but there are other types which are commonly called whiteheads.

These are very difficult to deal with. Redness and irritation will come along with these types of pimples but don’t fall for it and pop.

It will do more harm than good! So you better keep your hands off them and treat them with proper remedies.

Well, these are the few things you can change in your daily life to get results.

But even though I followed these religiously, there was a time when I also became a victim of acne outbreaks and spots. And then again I experienced blemishes.

If the same happens with you, go for these options to get rid of them….

Cleanse it out!

Cleansing can really make a difference! If done the right way it can make your life a lot easier and you will see results too.

Choice of Cleanser

If you are only just beginning your fight against acne and blemishes then you must be facing some troubles to find out what kind of cleanser you should use.

There is no single cleanser that is fit for all skin types.

You need to find the right one made with natural ingredients, which will be gentle to your sensitive skin. Apart from that, the best way to find is to assess your own skin.

If it is dry, go for a dry skin cleanser whereas if it is oily, make sure you go for a cleanser specifically meant for oily skin.

Take note of the frequency

The frequency of cleansing is very important.

Normally, anyone would cleanse once a day.

But if you have a very sensitive skin or if you have severe oil imbalance on your face, then you need to do it at least twice a day for sure.

Exfoliate properly

This is the hardest part of a skincare routine. Keep in mind that exfoliation should not be performed every day.

More than twice a week is too much. Overdoing something can also lead to scars and eventually blemishes.

So, make sure you follow everything the right way!

Cure and Prep

If you go to a doctor with this problem, they will prescribe you with a lot of pills and creams. But in reality, you can find the weapons to fight these skin blemishes within your house and very easily as well.

Treating with egg whites

Egg white is a very powerful thing. It tends to dry out the skin, so, don’t use this treatment more than 3 times a week.

You need to apply the white portion all over your face and keep it there until it dries out completely.

Then wash it with water. If you do this before cleansing and exfoliating, your pores will open up and the cleansing process will work far better.

Cleansing Pads

Cleansing pads contain Salicylic acid which is a known acne fighting agent.

So after you wash your face use any product that contains salicylic acid as the active agent, and that will get the job done.

There are many products available on the market and you won’t have any problem finding it.

Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

Benzoyl Peroxide is also an acne fighting agent.

This particularly worked really well for me.

The effect is very different but it gets the work done really fast.

Moisturize all the way!

The last and final part of the process is moisturizing. Forget about how oily your skin is, just moisturize.

Believe me on this, it really helps! Get a suitable moisturizer and apply it daily.

I would recommend that if you hate moisturizing, do it before going to sleep and use a heavier cream that would lock the moisture in for the whole night.

Signing Off

Normally our skin is strong enough to fight against these blemishes on its own.

But without proper care, the skin cells fail to rejuvenate themselves. And that is where the problem starts!

So, if you are concerned about your skin, you need to start taking care of your skin the right way.

Natural habits that can change your skin for good and if you can follow this routine every single day you can get benefits. These can help you get rid of blemishes really fast and it will also prevent any future breakouts.

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