The experience that Rodan and Fields Eye Cream Gave me

Why I chose not to buy R+F will surprise you!

The problem starts here…

Crows Feet. Bags under our eyes. Discoloration. All signs, and unavoidable facts, of ageing.

Also, one of the biggest natural flaws that make us cringe when we look in the mirror.

We don’t like them, we don’t like looking at them when we wake up, we don’t like other people seeing them when we’re out and about. But what can we do about them?

What cream out there can potentially stop all of this horrible ageing business???

Was the solution really this simple for dear old Maggie?

I was venting this to a friend not too long ago, while out for the weekly coffee date.

She turned to me and said “Maggie, you’re in your late 20’s. You’re worrying about your crows feet now?”

I just looked at my friend, incredulously.

Worrying about my crows feet now? At the age of 29?

Of course, I am worried about it now! I’m a mother of one very active toddler and work in law. I get very little sleep as it is, I need to make sure that my clients’ don’t see the bags under my eyes and the lines slowly forming from being awake all night with a 4-year-olds foot in my back!

Enough venting about my toddler. Back to my coffee date.

When I shared my frustration with my friend (who is a few years older than me), she just smiled and dug a little jar out of her purse.

It was a bottle of Rodan and Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream. She told me that she swears by it.

Being up to toddler number 3, she was all over it.

She knows what sleepless nights are like and swore black and blue that this was her secret to looking fresh every week for playgroup.

Research, Research, Research.

That night I googled the crap out of Rodan and Fields. And the Eye Cream. And how it could solve my problem.

I had my friend’s almost finished jar beside me as I did so, looking at the ingredients list online and trying to read the same list of the jar.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that this stuff works but in my opinion, if you’re going to list more than 70 ingredients on a jar and have the writing so small that you can’t read it, you’re going to question if it’s going to work or not.

The reviews for it were quite positive but everyone kept coming back to how many ingredients were needed in the cream and when you consider the price of the product ($$) you wonder if you’re actually going to get much benefit from it.

Being the savvy shopper that I am, I googled a bit more and stumbled onto something that I think will impress you.

I was quite adamant that I wouldn’t pay full price for Rodan and Fields Eye Cream, or gosh darn it, I would find a product that was just as good, if not better for less, and boy did I find what I was looking for!

Why I picked Phyto350 Eye Cream over R+F Eye Cream

Having a beauty obsessive aunt means that I’ve seen several different brands of bottles and types of creams throughout my childhood and while I’d heard of Rodan and Fields, I felt like I’d been hearing about Phyto350 Eye Cream for a lot longer than R+F.

I’d also heard about it more recently as well, my friend, Lisa, had been raving about the Phyto350 Anti-ageing cream and knowing how picky she was with her brands and what she paid for them, made Phyto350 the obvious choice.

Being a low price and cheaper than the Rodan and Fields Eye Cream, Phyto350 had already semi-won me over.

Seeing that they did bulk buys just made my day. Phyto350 offers discount on multiple purchases of the one product which means I could indulge my inner doomsdayer and stock up on the cream!

Don’t get me wrong though. It wasn’t just the price that got me.

When you look at the two products side by side you can see that the Phyto350 also has less ingredients to do the same job, and we all know the adage, Less is more.

So who is Phyto350?

Established In 2002, Phyto350 set a goal to provide safe and effective products to the public.

They wanted their products to have a premium quality and have spent a lot of time in research and development to achieve this.

With the goal of wanting to make a mostly natural product, Phyto350 was able to source the finest ingredients from around the world and use their experience In nutritional science to create a superior product.

The Phyto350 team are also working with customers in mind as they find the best ways to deliver the “highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers.”

It’s got that Natural thing going for it…

Seeing that there were more natural ingredients in the Phyto350, than the Rodan and Fields, made me somewhat more at ease about buying it.

I am always happy to consider the more natural or nature-friendly alternatives while at the same time factoring in price, and well the environmental value for me was in the wheat protein that helps reduce the thinning of the skin under the eyes.

Long and Behold, it promised that the dark blue circles would be banished from my face!

So, like any normal person, I ordered two bottles of the Phyto350 thinking that that would get me through a month or two.

Boy was I wrong…

The outstanding results…

Being designed to dramatically reduce puffiness and dark circles, as well as promote increased elasticity of the skin, my first Phyto350 bottle lasted me well over a month and a half and dealt with three problems at once!

Even more astonishingly, I was getting results and fast!

The powerful and natural ingredients work overtime to help rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and with active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Captex 8000, this definitely happened!

Being a self-conscious individual, I didn’t pick up on it straight away.

I could still see the bags under my eyes, but my colleagues couldn’t! I had one very beauty conscious (and Rodan and Fields groupie) colleague ask me where she could buy some of the cream because she was noticing the changes in my complexion within two weeks.

I personally didn’t notice anything until about the one-month mark but I honestly was very pleased with the results!

Ok, So what’s the catch..?

Ok, so not everyone or every product is perfect. I am in love with Phyto350 and its mostly natural ingredients.

I love that it is only a tablet I take daily to help reduce my aging!, That means I can take it with other products for my face.

But everything has a flip side, right?

The only real issue I found was that it wasn’t available in the shops.

Being available online only meant that I had to try and predict when I would run out of cream and order based off that or risk having several jars of product in my medicine cabinet for who knows how long.

That and if you run out before you get your next order, you have to find another product to use in the meantime.

But honestly, other than that, I can’t really flaw this product!

Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s

At the end of the day I can’t really flaw Rodan and Fields too much when it comes to a comparison with Phyto350, but when it comes to important factors for me like price and how much of the product is natural compared to synthetic, the Phyto350 wins out each time.

I love the feel of the Phyto350 has done to my skin, compared to the other products and achieved great results in such a short amount of time! Just like Rodan and Fields, there are several complimentary products available, but unlike R+F, they are for reasonable prices as well!

I feel like I have been put on to an amazing path, discovering Phyto350 and have thankfully been able to say goodbye to my crow’s feet and bags under my eyes, and have received the compliments for it.

Knowing that it’s achieved such great results in such a short time has cemented its quality for me even further in my heart.

Now the only thing I have to do is convince my toddler to stay in her own bed and I won’t be feeling tired, not just hiding it!

Thanks for reading my review and I hope to see your own opinion on what you have to say!

Hey, Maggie here!

I am a writer here at Mommys Review and love sharing my experience with you. So I hope you enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Eye Cream. My Experience and Results!”

  1. Hey, Maggie I was looking around for someone with a genuine review and lucky I stumbled upon yours! I been searching all day and just was seeing so many other reviews not making any sense and then seeming so many negative reviews about Rodan and Fields I was scared to try it and was looking for alternatives and I reckon I will give Eyelasticity Eye Cream a try thanks.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the review and you have helped me decide who to go with. I cant wait to try a Eyelasticity for the first time.

    • Hey Kimberly, its great to see that my review helped you pick for your first choice! 😀 Cant wait to see your results.

  3. Hi, Maggie my name is Jamie and I am also a mother who has 3 kids and wow do they really wear me out. haha I know where you are coming from. My husband said I look a lot more tireder then I usually do and I am now considering getting an eye cream. I love seeing reviews like this mother to mother who arnt out there to just sell. I am going to give Eyelasticity eye cream a shot and see how it goes for me.

    Thank You Maggie!

  4. Hey girls I can say this stuff really works, I have been using it for years and just love it. I am also a mum of 5 kids but they all grown up now and I gotta take care of myself so I been using Eyelasticity Eye Cream for about 2 years over that Rodan and Fields Multi Function Eye Cream stuff. They are way over priced to begin with and we gotta save our money now days right! I always buy Eyelasticity Eye Creams in bulk and it last me months. All I can say girls is get on it, it works!

  5. Just wondering how strong is this compared to other ones. I mean my eyes look like they are falling out of my head most days. I just cant get any sleep with how busy I am. I am wondering would it work well with strong crows feet?

    • Hey Angela, I know that feeling I was the same for a long time. I would say if you have it quite bad it might take a little bit longer to work then it does others but why not give it a shot. 🙂 Eyelasticity eye cream has worked for me and all my friends so far! And its cheaper then our dinner dates haha. I hope it works out for you!


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