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 Rodan and Fields Reverse, A Positive Result it was NOT 

Amandas Rodan and Fields Reverse review

Hello there! My name is Amanda and I am a 44-year-old single mum with 2 girls who are in their early teens. I also look after my father who is in and out of the hospital.

I live a busy lifestyle having to look after him and run around after my girls with all their soccer training and outdoor activities; so it comes as no surprise that I hardly get any time for myself and when I do its only short!

I guess that’s the life of a single parent with kids. I am sure we all can relate.

When you think it could not get any worse.

As a busy and active woman, I try to keep fit and always take the chance of going outdoors when I can.

Three days a week I am out on the field cheering my girls on when they are playing soccer.

While taking my sick dad along in his wheelchair with a HUGE umbrella to make sure the sun does not hit him hard on the hot summer days.

Then with the days, I have off I am out hiking in the great mountains of my beautiful country town.

Me? I love it, can’t get enough of the sun. Same goes for my two girls.

Over 15 years, I have that great tan I have always wanted but I had noticed that it is becoming too much for me and I noticed my skin was starting to get all blotchy and different tones everywhere.

It started to not look so good.

I had once went to a friend’s wedding party and I was speaking with her about skin products and that I should start using some.

She even said that she has started to notice the sun damage I have gotten.

If she noticed, then imagine what others have seen.

I thought to myself I better take action and start to find ways that will help me even out my skin tones and remove the blemishes and spots all over my body.

I was out on one of my mornings runs with a friend of mine who also was always out in the sun running each day.

With or without me and I always wondered how does she keep her skin so fresh and lively???

So I asked her what type of products does she use for her face and body to keep fresh.

We went over a few products that could help me out and she told me what she uses.

She recommended me Rodan and Fields Reverse which at the time I had never heard of so I went home and did my research, finding all the information I can and reviews that could tell me if it would work for my skin.

It looked very promising, but the PRICE TAG, GOSH!… $180.Dislike Rodan and Fields Reverse

Where would I be able to find that amount of money to afford it.

With looking after my dad and two girls going to their soccer training and just the expenses of living are enough for me.

I had then found a smaller package that they sell. It was ranging at $100 to $180

I looked at myself in the mirror and said… Why not give it a shot and see how well it goes? So later that day I ordered my first batch of Rodan and Fields Reverse.

I was quite scared of what I’d just spent $100 on but I was desperate in finding a solution to my skin problems.

I did not want to stop going outside. I love it and that is my lifestyle, take that away from me would be taking away my soul.

The Great Reveal of Rodan and Fields Reverse

Within a week I got my package and it looked fancy and nice with a big branded Rodan and Fields Reverse header on the box.

“Yay! About time!” I said while holding the package in one hand and closing my car door with the other.

I was eager to try it so the next day I put it on and it did feel good.

Taking all the steps to a clearer and better skin.

Putting the toner on did burn my skin a little, but I thought that was just the typical thing that toners do as I have used a few others like that in my younger years and do remember some of them doing the same.

So after a few weeks of trying it that is when it all started to change for me.

At around day 55 I was noticing I was starting to get some type of rash or a large outbreak in acne all over my face. They were very painful. I had to pop them just to keep my swelling down.

It was just unbearable.

I did not want to go outside and for the next few days.

I felt like was hidden away, locked inside and I stopped using Rodan and Fields Reverse after this event.

When it was around day 70 my face was cracked and dry and painful I had to do something about it.

So I went to see my doctor who told me that I had a reaction to something in the product. My skin was just too sensitive to it and it was purging toxins.

This has never happened to me till now. It was not a pleasurable feeling.

That is why I am writing this review!

To help others not have to go through what I did. I headed home to sit there just wondering what a waste $180 I had spent on a product that made my skin worse.

What else could of I had spent $180 on and that would work for my sensitive skin.

I don’t blame my good friend for this not at all! She just has a different type of skin then I and us humans are not all the same.

The saver to my pain! Bye Rodan and Fields Reverse!

It was about a week later where I decided to go looking for a cheaper and well-reviewed product for people with sensitive skin like mine.

I was on the computer for days trying to find this one solution. Then I had stumbled upon a cream called Kollagen Intensiv.

It stated that it used natural ingredients.

Not all of it is natural but most and that was a plus for me because I know it was not just filled full of these unknown chemicals like Rodan and Fields Reverse was.

What had really got me going was Kollagen Intensiv used Shea Butter and Lumiskin and I know my girls use these ingredients on some of their face creams.

When I saw it had a 90-day free trial I couldn’t not try it!

So what did I do?

I went and ordered myself 3 because I know I can always get a refund with their guarantee of 90 days. Which is always nice to have…

When things started to change at all Prices!

After a long day out I find my new parcel sitting at my door, from Kollagen Intensiv.

Something I been waiting for.

Not having to pour that makeup on just to go out to cover up what Rodan and Fields Reverse did to me.

I started using it straight away and within three weeks I noticed that my skin was not as irritated as it had been previously.

My acne has started to disappear and my skin spots are starting to blend in better with the rest of my face.

I am finally getting the result I had wanted without any reactions at all! Within a few months my skin looks like it has gotten at least two shades lighter.

My Conclusion of Rodan and Fields Reverse

With a lot of problems and issues, I had finally found something that works for me.

If you have sensitive skin like myself I would not dare to recommend Rodan and Fields Reverse.

It is just not worth it.

I had to go through all the trouble and spend $160 on what? To hide in my home for two weeks?

Once it was mostly cleared up I tried something else that worked and was cheaper in the long run.

This is my personal review on what I believe is a good alternative to something that is overpriced and not all what it is hyped up to be.

Kollagen Intensiv was the hidden gem that saved my busy life. I hope it will do the same for you!

We can find better! With that note thanks for reading my review!

Amanda Review

Hey, Amanda here!

I would like to welcome you to my article and I hope it gives you what you need.


5 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Reverse Review: My Unbearable Journey”

  1. Hey, Amanda I have tried Rodan and Fields Reverse not long ago and I had the same experience. It was not as bad as yours but was still not a great experience. This product is definitely not for people who have sensitive skin, it will do more damage then good sadly. Great review Amanda and I can relate!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful review on what you believe is good for us girls with sensitive skins. I have not tried either Rodan and Fields Reverse or Kollagen Intensiv but I am going to give Kollagen Intensiv a go first I think just because of the price range. I cant afford Rodan and Fields Reverse.


    • Yeah it can be very expensive, I have even heard that some people are not even getting results with Rodan and Fields Reverse while some are. Its very mixed reviews but its not for girls with sensitive skin that’s for sure.

  3. Hi my name is Sammy and I love the in depth review you did for us! I have been searching all day to find a real review and you are so honest something I love. Thank You Amanda!


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