Rodan and Fields Unblemish Review – My Not So Positive Opinion & Why I Switched

Are you thinking about buying Rodan and Fields Unblemished cream?

Before you do read this entire page because what I’m about to share will save you money!

Hi there, my name Kathy and today I want to share my thoughts and opinions on Rodan and Fields Unblemished acne treatment.

The Switch and why I did it!

I am a 28-year-old nurse who works all sorts of hours.

I hardly get any sleep and that effects my skin and body. I am lucky to keep fit, with all this stress I started to break out big time and it was not looking good. I started to think people were looking at my face and my pimples and not me. That’s how bad it had gotten.

I thought I would try Rodan and Fields Unblemish and give it a review while using the product,

Now I did not really need any products for my face for a while but it seems as if I had hit this spot in my life where I started to get more acne than ever.

You know all I needed was a basic facewash that I found on the store shelf. But my body has changed and I guess so had my reaction to things like sugar, caffeine and stress all of these are taking a toll on my skin and body.

My self-esteem went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows all because I did not look my best and that made me not feel my best. Even at work my friends could tell.

Asking questions like what is going on with my life and not being as active as I was once before, hiding my face and using more and more make up to cover up my acne and pimples which made things worse again but I needed that cover up.

Research Research Research!

They had recommended me a lot of products but none really worked as good as I had hoped or they just were very bad for my skin, giving me more issues than before.

But nothing like Rodan and Fields Unblemished, I don’t know how people can use it with what it had done for me.

I am not saying it will happen to you but be careful with skin products that have all these extra ingredients in them for we don’t know what they can do to our skin.

If you have sensitive skin like me which reacts to a lot of non-natural products, then I strongly recommend you to try out what I am about to talk about and how it helped me.

So I been looking everywhere, first thing I did was go into beauty stores that sold acne face stuff and asked all the questions while they were great of giving me some knowledge of my skin and how pimples work.

While this was all good and all but It seemed like they just wanted to sell the most expensive stuff out there. I always asked for a sample of them to see if I could see results in a few weeks.

I know a small sample won’t give me great results in a small amount of time but at least I can see how my skin will feel with it.

I think over the months I tried over 10 different types of products and was just not happen with the results that they had told it would give.

Some would burn my skin; I could not wear it outside. Irritate it and make my face feel hot and itchy, was not a good feeling at all.

What I Learnt From Using Rodan and Fields Unblemish.

So this leads me to Rodan and Fields Unblemish, I went online did some research about it and it said that the guys who created proactive made unblemish.

I tried proactive once before when I was younger and it seemed ok at the time but once they started altering the mixes for cheaper alternatives I stop using it.

I never needed to use an acne product as much as I do now.

So from all my research and finding reviews on so many products online I thought I would give Rodan and Fields Unblemish a try.

For as low as $180!! Which I thought was a crazy for a skin care product.

That’s how much my rent was costing me a week.

But I was desperate and needed something that will help me. It had a lot of promises and calling it the number one product for acne. I had to jump on it.

Weeks later I got it in the mail, it was delayed a few days don’t know why but at least I got it! Opened up the box and was looking at what I had paid some high $180 for, small tubes and one large one.

I thought I would only use small amounts to save on using it all at once. At $180 I would like to get as much as I can out of the Rodan and Fields Unblemish tubes.

Started it the upcoming Monday, a new week a new start. Wash my face and put on the unblemish sulphur wash, it felt really clunky and weird compared to others.

Not like most washes so anyway I go onto drying my face and putting the Clarifying Toner on, it burns a little but that is what it is meant to do. I let that dry and finish off with the Oil Control Lotion.

Alright feeling good, time to go to work and see how the day goes. Lets fast forward here a few weeks into it. Im starting to see little change not much, but what I am starting to notice my face is a lot redder then before I started using Rodan and Fields Unblemish.

I was wondering is this normal? Asked my friends and they said no, it looks like I started to get burns on my face in area’s and my pimples were redder then they had ever been.

So I stopped it immediately went and seen my Doctor she said that my skin was too sensitive for Rodan and Fields Unblemish because they have a lot of ingredients that I should not be using.

First thing I was thinking did I just throw $180 down the drain. It said it was good for sensitive skin but I guess we all have different levels of sensitive for our body’s, I was not happy that’s for sure.

The reveal that got me addicted

While speaking with my doctor she told me to try this new product called ClearPores. Which is all natural ingredients and is only $64, I thought that was a great price and if I wanted to buy more I could buy in bulk for even cheaper.

So I said to my doctor, where can I get it! Anything has to be better than Rodan and Fields Unblemish overpriced product. Said I can buy one or buy in bulk. I thought I would start with just one.

I started to do my own research on Revitol and noticed a lot of people were going for that, especially people who have sensitive skin like me. Great I can’t wait to get it!

Im sure you want to know more about ClearPores please take a read about it on their site. Show you why it really works so well for me!

Goodbye Rodan and Fields Unblemish, Hello ClearPores

Only a few days later I got it in my mail and pushed aside that unblemish product by rodan and fields. It may not work but did not want to throw out the $180, you know money is money.

First thing I noticed with ClearPores was it comes with only three bottles. Awesome more space on my bathroom bench.

Started to read the ingredients, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Bioperine Extract and a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head but these names are ones I know of and know other products I have use them as well.

Here we go again time to try another skin care product and this time will be the last. Over the week of using it, I never had any problems with my skin being itchy or feeling hot and burnt. It felt cool all the time and I did not even notice I had been wearing it.

After a week I started to see that my face was clearing up, the dark spots even going! Not many other people could tell unless I pointed it out but it’s only been a week!

I was getting excited, I have to admit that. With the upcoming weeks my friends started to notice that my face was clearing up and asked what was I using because they wanted some of the action!

Of course I said it was , why not give it a shout out the first real skincare product that worked for me!

So what’s the pros and cons of ClearPores?

First of all, the price is just amazing, anyone can buy it and you can even buy bulk.

That will set you up for a good 3-12 months for one third the price of Rodan and Fields Unblemish.

I did not have any bad reaction too it like I do most products.

The results came in a matter of weeks not months and that really helped my self-esteem.

What are the cons, only buying one at the start and having to wait for my second order to come in It worked so well I had to buy 3 for my second order. Did not want to run out on me.

My review and conclusion to picking a better alternative to Rodan and Fields Unblemish.

I would like to first of all say thanks for reading my review on the skincare products that I have used in my lifetime and I am super happy to share what my experiences were with these two and why we should always go as much natural with our products as we can!

My skin was a test dummy for a long time and it was rough let me tell you.

We have so many up’s and down’s in life we need to have a skincare product that will give us a beautiful face even when we don’t feel to great that day.

If you are like me and have sensitive skin It would have to be one of my top recommendations ClearPores. With that I will close this review and go on feeling great again!


Hey, Kathy here!

I am the writer of this article and I hope it will help you.

8 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Unblemish review and why I switched!”

  1. Hey Kathy, Its good to see I was not the only one having issues with Rodan and Fields products. I only tried it for a week and it started to give me issues. Asked for a refund and never got it, I would like to thank you for your review and hopefully other people will see not to go with them and pick a better alternative. Thanks Angel

    • Yeah I have read that there are a lot of reviews about how bad their products are for some people with sensitive skin. Why I was on the hunt for a better one for us people who have bad skin and that is where Clear Pores really steeped up

  2. Wow I did not know it could do that to our skin, Its good to see that you are using one that does not effect your skin as much if any at all. I have lived with acne my whole life and am just getting started on finding a good product to use. One that I can afford I will give ClearPores a go. Thanks!

  3. I dont know about myself but Rodan and Fields Unblemish worked for me, I guess my skin was not as sensitive to their products, sorry to hear about you and any other person who has had these bad experiences. I am just trying to find a cheaper version because I cant keep paying that much. So CLearPores might be the go for me now as well just because of price point.

  4. About time I seen a honest review on their products, so many reviews out there that I dont know which one to believe until I found yours! Thanks a lot Kathy!


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